Easy way to add the Variable products and attributes in Woo-Commerce site

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If you have got products with different-different variations then they come under variable prod and you need to do the particular settings to add and sell them accordingly. so let’s learn in detail.


Hi guys, if you have been following our articles then you might know that we have installed the Woo-Commerce plugin and premade template. now it’s time to add the products to your Woo-Commerce site. In this article, I will show you to add the variable products to your Woo-Commerce site.

If you are confused about the variable products, consider you are running an e-commerce store which is selling t-shirts for men. Then there will be much variety of options like different sizes (small, large, extra-large) and colors (red, orange, green). it is not better practice to add them into simple products as it will not help in the better conversion rate of your products. so Woo-Commerce offers variable products which make it user friendly and the price will vary as you change the options.

Adding variable products

For the demonstration, I am showing the t-shirt example in which customers will get the options like selecting the different colors and shirt sizes just by clicking the dropdown button and can choose their favorite and will see that the price is automatically updated. They can just click the add to cart to buy their desired product and now in this blog, I will add a new option like the different collar.

variable products

For adding a new option to your product just login to the WordPress dashboard and click on the Attributes and it will redirect to the attributes page in which you can add the new attributes. To add a new attribute just type the name and slug of the attribute. For the demo, I am adding the collar attribute and click on the add attribute button then you will see the attribute added perfectly, and to add the different types of collar click on the configure items which are just below the collar type attribute.


after clicking the configure item, you will be redirected to the product collar page where I will add the different types of the collar such as V-neck and round neck just by adding the name and slug of the collar types as you can see below image.

So now it’s time to show them how the variable product works. Just click on all products below the products in the WordPress dashboard and click the add new to add the product. enter the title and descriptions of the product-related and set the product image and make sure to select the generalized image.

Now go to the product data by clicking the dropdown you will see four options and select the fourth variable product. you can set the unique SKU id if you are managing stock through any software then it’s easy to track the product. you can also manage the stocks but our main focus will be on the Attributes and variations.

 Go to attributes where you can see the custom product attribute where you can select which attribute you want or all of them. I am selecting all the attributes by just clicking the add button and you can see all the attributes that are added.

Now it’s time to add the values of the particular attribute. For demonstration, in the collar type, we have added the two values V-neck and round neck. when you click on the input bar of the values then you will see two option you can select one at a time or click the select all to add all the options available and don’t forget to select the user for variations checkbox which helps in the different combination of products and follow it to all the attributes then after all the settings click on the save attributes button. 

just now in this step we have linked the global attributes(attributes added in the WordPress database) and options related to this particular product now click on the variations.

The variation will give that how many types of the combination will be possible by the attributes which you have added related to the product. Then you can add the product details and images with the respective combinations. To add the variation just click on the variation and you will see the add variation dropdown menu and click on the dropdown icon and select the create variations from all attributes then you can see all the possible options or a combination available.

suppose in the demo, we have three attributes and inside three we can see several options just by clicking the Go button then Woo-Commerce will generate 18 variations as you can see in the below image.

after creating the variations it’s time to add the details of every combination. To fill that, click on the variation number or dropdown button of the particular combination. you can add the product image, SKU number, Manage stock, Price details, weight, and shipping class, etc. of the product. repeat it with all the combinations possible and by clicking on the Save changes button your data will be stored successfully.

you can also add the colored t-shirts as tag and set it under the uncategorized section and click the Publish button to finish the process and now just by clicking on the view product you can view your final product with all the variation and attributes as shown in the below image.

variable product

you can also add affiliate products, simple products, and grouped products into your woocommerce store.

if you still have any doubts please let us know at support@gwizacademy.com.


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