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One of the most common web search is “How to gain money working online” and, sadly, most of the results to this query are all but trustworthy

However, there are indeed online jobs available, for instance there are many chances for those who like to write and want to test their skills in this field.

The first field that comes to mind is the one concerning writing blog articles, which are generally paid a given amount of money for each article or for each word.

Ghost-writers are also another possibility offered by this field: writers that offer to write books, speeches, tales and so on, under somebody else’s name.

So here is the question: “How can I sell this kind of service?”

Many authors use preexisting websites such as Textbroker, which operates in this field since 2008.

So how do these writers “market places” work?

Customers ask for an article and decide the minimum amount of word, text quality and style (informal, journalistic, review, etc). Now the article can be booked by an author that will receive a share of the total amount the user has set.

So why chose a service like this? There is one main reason, the same reason why any vendor would chose a market place to sell: the great amount of customers and possibilities offered by a website like that.

But this kind of online market also has its down size: a big demand also means a lot of supply and competition, other then the fact that profits are often limited by the share authors receive.


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